Rooftop photovoltaics


Roof photovoltaic

With a roof photovoltaic system from us you can expect several advantages. For example, you lower your electricity costs, protect the environment and become independent of external electricity providers. In addition, with Phoxi Energy you have an experienced and flexible team at your side.


The solar energy is waiting for us, we just have to use it!

With our all-round package we are at your side from consulting to installation. Convince yourself of our services here.

More energy!

Did you know that a PV module generates about 1,000 kilowatt hours of energy per year and m². In good conditions, more kilowatt hours of self-sufficient electricity can also be generated.

Professional installation

Our team of experienced installers and electricians will skilfully and safely install your new PV system on your roof.

Effective savings

With our PV systems you save money and greenhouse gases in the long term and from the first use. Per year, the saving is about 500 € compared to conventional electricity providers.

Free advice

We will be happy to advise you in a personal meeting, by phone or in writing. In this way, we will find the right offer for your individual needs and the best possible use of the PV system.


Our recommendation for your consumption

We configure an individual PV system to suit your property and your needs. Simply select the offer that applies to you or feel free to contact us.

Your consumption

3.000 kWh

Our recommendation

Your savings approx. 820 Euro per year*

Your consumption

4.000 kWh

Our recommendation

Your savings approx. 1.170 Euro per year*

Your consumption

5.000 kWh

Our recommendation

Your savings approx. 1.860 Euro per year*


Das wartet auf Sie

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Die Beauftragung

Nachdem Sie sich ein Bild von uns gemacht haben und uns den Auftrag für eine Dachflächen Photovoltaikanlage gegeben haben, machen wir uns an die Arbeit.


Gemeinsame Planung

Gemeinsam planen wir Ihre neue PV-Anlage, dabei achten wir vor allem auf die örtlichen Gegebenheiten und Ihre individuellen Wünsche.


Die Installation

Nach der Planung folgt die Umsetzung, unsere erfahrenen Handwerker/innen bringen Ihre PV-Anlage sicher aufs Dach.


Betrieb und Wartung

Nach der Erfolgreichen Inbetriebnahme, warten wir Ihre PV-Anlage in regelmäßigen Abständen und sind stets als Ansprechpartner zu erreichen.

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