Mini wind turbines


Small wind turbines

In the course of our research projects with the Fraunhofer Institute, BTU Cottbus, we at Phoxi have developed a new type of small wind turbine. In cooperation with our sister company EAB Gebäudetechnik Luckau GmbH we pursue the vision to strengthen the triad between photovoltaic, wind energy and hydrogen, in the course of decentralization of energy supply for the end user and tradesmen in our region. Here we would like to present our project in the area of horizontal small wind turbines in more detail.

Available soon !

Our focus is to provide high quality products and services to our customers, we are working hard to continuously expand our product range. Currently we still need time to offer you the best range of small wind turbines. If you would like to inform yourself in advance, please feel free to contact us !


Holistic energy solutions from the region!


We contribute to the sustainability of the region through our environmentally friendly, low-emission and holistic energy solutions.


From the region for the region, that is our motto. We currently supply Berlin and Brandenburg with our energy solutions.


Our founders are always working to improve our products. Together with the Fraunhofer Institute, we are researching various projects and their implementation.


Due to our personal support of your projects we can guarantee a high flexibility and careful work.

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