Energy efficiency consulting

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Through our energy efficiency consulting we uncover possible weak points of your property. Often an outdated heating system, missing insulation or a leaky building envelope is not given as much attention, although a lot of energy can be lost here. Through our inventory and consulting, we will find a suitable solution for your property to convert it as energy efficient as possible.


The solar energy is waiting for us, we just have to use it

Our team of experts offers you a comprehensive and professional energy efficiency

More energy!

Did you know that many houses have an energy loss of up to 60% without the occupants noticing? With our energy efficiency consulting you can help counteract this problem.

Professional installation

Our team of experienced installers and electricians will skillfully take care of the implementation, of the solution that suits you best.

Effective savings

After an energy efficiency consultation, you can save up to 89% energy with the appropriate

Free consultation

Our energy efficiency consultation is a free service when you purchase a PV system. We would be happy to meet you in person at your location, but we can also advise you by phone
or in writing.


Our recommendation for your consumption

We configure an individual PV system to suit your property and your needs. Simply select the offer that applies to you or feel free to contact us.

Your consumption

3.000 kWh

Our recommendation

Your savings approx. 820 Euro per year*

Your consumption

4.000 kWh

Our recommendation

Your savings approx. 1.170 Euro per year*

Your consumption

5.000 kWh

Our recommendation

Your savings approx. 1.860 Euro per year*


This is waiting for you

Due to the close cooperation with our partner company, every project runs hand in hand.


The assignment

After you have formed an impression of us and commissioned us to provide energy efficiency consulting, we get to work.



Together, we will conduct energy efficiency consulting on the path you choose and be available to answer any questions you may have.


Planning together

Then we can create a suitable solution for your object and adapt it to your needs together with you.



Finally, our employees install your new energy solution and maintain it at regular intervals.

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